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It’s time we did better. It’s time we put an end to Brexit.

Soon you will have the chance to vote for a new local MP. Here’s why I've been working to be your next MP since I was reselected as a candidate in July 2018.

This is my home constituency
I’ve lived here for nearly 30 years. My three daughters have all gone to local State schools in the constituency. In this time I’ve come to appreciate what makes this area such a special place to live, work and visit. As your local MP my pledge to you is that I’ll always put the needs of local people and local communities first before anything else.

It’s time someone stood up for local people and put an end to Brexit

The shocking uncertainty over Brexit, created by the two main political parties, seriously worries many people and many local employers. I’ve joined with hundreds of local people – from all political parties and none - from this area on marches and at street stalls to call for a democratic People’s Vote on the final terms of any Brexit deal. Given all our other priorities, especially to address the climate change emergency, I'm for remain and reform.

As a Town and District Councillor in the constituency, I’ve also stood up for our community centre when its budget was cut by the local Conservative council, for our children’s centres when Labour and Conservative councillors voted for budget cuts that jeopardised their future, for new equipment for our local parks and for a proper consultation on a new outdoor pool in the District.

On HS2 and the fortune that could have been better invested in our education services, increasing connectivity on our existing railways and integrating health and social care, I was calling for a review a long time before the government finally agreed.

Our political system is broken - we need to work together to get things done

Our country faces massive environmental and cultural challenges.

We have scandalous inequalities in wealth, health and education in our country.

Now is the time for politicians to work together, not be in constant confrontation. The old ways have resulted in people having to choose between extreme right-wing or extreme left-wing policies. Our politics must be based much more on cooperation.


It's time for change in Kenilworth and Southam. It's time we had an MP who puts local people and the planet before his party or his political career.